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Adjustable Wrist Brace
$25.00 $17.97
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
Adjustable Wrist Brace
$25.00 $17.97
  • Protect your hand from carpal degeneration; manage your wrist pain and protect against nerve injury, all while supporting your wrists and allowing for improved circulation!
  • Very useful for those who lift weights, work out, or have to deal with repetitive hand, wrist, and finger movements while on the job.  Don’t let injury get in the way of your routine!
  • Our one size fits all, Velcro adjustable wrist brace goes on in two stages, allowing you to put the brace on first, and then adjust the tightness with the second strap as needed.
  • Cool Neoprene on the inside for your comfort, Nylon weave on the outside for support and sturdiness.
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Standard Shipping; Try our Products Risk Free, you have NOTHING to Lose (Except Your Joint Pain)!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Wrist Brace

I have tendinitis in my right wrist. This brace provides the proper support so that the tendon does not cause stabbing pain when I work using my right hand. Highly recommend. .

Great for arthritis

Husband has arthritis in his wrist, feeling like it's cracked daily. And he's in construction. .which doesn't help. Bought the full wrist brace and he couldnt work in it. Bought this and it eases the pain tremendously and doesn't get in the way of the work he has to do daily. Excellent product!

Life Saver

This product is really awesome... I'm a dialysis nurse with tendonitis in my wrist. I had tendonitis in my elbow, had a procedure done, and now it's in my wrist... I needed a brace that wouldn't get in my way while working, but still stabilized my wrist... This is a miracle worker. I had a brace made for my wrist by my physical therapist, but it's hard and not feasible for the type of work I do. I'm getting a steroid/saline injection very soon, and I'm planning on utilizing this brace from here on out. Great product!!!


Comfortable but hard to put on the inner band due to no wrist band to hold it in place before securing it with velcro. I guess the tightening process comes from the outer band, but cannot tighten as much as the cheaper elastic wrist support. So far this brace feels more comfortable than the elastic support and may be more comfortable for longer wear.

Go with Kunto

With age comes aches and pains. With Kunto, I have the support I need for the wrist. This brace has eliminated the ache and soreness. Worth every penny, because there was a first and in a week it was distorted and the elastic deformed on the edges. Nice product, fully recommend, well made, and I do not think there is better on the market. Some have a loop for the pinky, this loop will irritate the skin between the pinky and ring finger. You will not be taking a chance with this brace.

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