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Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
Lumbar Back Brace
$35.00 $24.97
  • Get through your hard work day or intense fitness session with the Kunto Back Brace, and provide relief from back aches, pains, strains, muscle spasms and more!
  • Our brace is great for people who are on their feet all day.  Our brace distributes the weight load away from your muscles and back, allowing you to get through the day pain and stress free!
  • The Kunto Back Brace features a double Velcro adjustment system, allowing you to put the brace on first and adjust the tightness bands as needed, ensuring you’ll remain comfortable while it’s on.
  • Made from sturdy, well woven material and featuring steel rods to help the brace maintain its structure, you can expect long lasting, durable back support for years to come!
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Standard Shipping; Try our Products Risk Free, you have NOTHING to Lose (Except Your Joint Pain)!
$35.00 $24.97


Especially when you’re on your feet all the time; whether you’re at work or at play, it’s often difficult to get through the day.  No-one wants to have a twinge of pain or building stiffness every time they move or as they stay standing all day…we’d rather feel comfortable, secure in our confidence that our backs won’t give out and betray us.  If you work on your feet all day, feel Back Stiffness while staying still, have twinges of Lower Back Pain as you move, or simply want more Back Support as you lift weights, play sports, or exercise your life, productivity and performance can be affected immensely.  Why let your Back Problems control your daily life?  Fight back…


With Kunto’s Stabilizing Back Brace, you’ll be geared up with exactly what you need to tackle and confront your Lumbar Pain.  Our Back Support is highly adjustable so you can achieve the perfect fit via a 2-Stage Velcro fastening system.  By maintaining a snug fit, you ensure you receive long lasting, comfortable support that lasts all day long.  Steel rods located to the rear of the brace reinforces your back, helping to distribute the weight load through the brace across your torso, taking the pressure off your Lower Back.  Constructed of a breathable fabric and durable High Quality material, you’ll enjoy Comfortable Back Support that lasts.  Do something to help get relief from Back Pain, Sore Muscles, Herniated Disc, Sciatica, Age Related Pain, or to help you recover from a Back Injury or Surgery.  With our Lumbar Pad Support, you’ll have what you need to tackle your Back Problems and get back to your normal routine!

A PERFECT FIT FOR ANYTHING LIFE THROWS YOUR WAY! Our Back Braces are great for wherever life takes you, whether at work or at play you’ll want our Back Support to stay!  Remain supported, and enjoy the increased mobility and comfort our Lumbar Waist Support brings you.  Our Brace is comfortable, and other than helping to support you and your back, you’ll hardly notice it’s there!  Whether you need something to help you while you’re on your feet at work, or just need the support while around the house or out and about – it doesn’t matter, our Back Brace will outperform no matter the task!


  • Lumbar Support Back Brace distributes the weight of your Upper Body across your entire Torso, lowering the strain on your Lower Back.
  • Highly Adjustable, 2-Stage Velcro fastening system allows you to remain Comfortable & Supported.
  • Breathable Fabric keeps you Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter
  • Moisture Wicking Material leaves you high and dry during Strenuous Activity
  • Superior Materials & Weave provide long lasting Durability, allowing you to enjoy quality Back Support for the duration.
  • Perfect for getting through the Day whether at Work or at Play– Stay mobile and put your Back Problems on the Back Burner.


Why deal with your Back Pain a moment longer?  You deserve to enjoy a life full of activity, hustle, bustle and motion; nobody wants to lag behind or have to deal with loss of mobility.  Take Action, Order Now & Get Back the Active Life you Deserve!

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Lumbar back brace
This was amazing. Lightweight
5 Stars!!
Very easy to wear

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