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Benefits of Using Elbow Sleeves for Lifting Weights

Are you curious about using elbow sleeves for lifting weights? There are some wonderful benefits to including elbow sleeves as a part of your overall lifting program.

An elbow sleeve can be particularly helpful if you struggle with an injury or pain in the elbow joint. The added support and improved circulation from an elbow sleeve can aid in joint stability and boost overall performance.

However, you don’t have to have any issues with the elbow joint to benefit from using an elbow sleeve. The truth is that almost anyone can benefit from using elbow sleeves in their lifting program.

Here is how the elbow sleeves can be used for lifting.

3 Main Benefits of Using Elbow Sleeves for Lifting

Joint Warmth

As you likely already know, keeping joints warm before, during, and after a lifting workout is critical to avoid injury. Using an elbow sleeve will help hold in the body heat, even when you are resting between sets.

A compression elbow sleeve also improves blood circulation to the joint which aids in keeping the joints warm and relaxed. The more warm and relaxed your muscles are the better you will perform and the less likely you are to suffer from an injury.

Joint Support

An elbow sleeve provides an added layer of support to the joint. The concentrated fabric offers stability to the joint while still allowing for full range of motion.  With that additional support, you can reduce risk of injury.

Not only does an elbow sleeve provide physical support, there is a mental benefit to knowing that you have extra support for your elbows. Mental clarity and piece of mind is an underestimated boost to your workout.

Enhanced Performance

Keeping the elbow joint warm, increasing blood flow, and stabilizing the joint can all contribute to increased performance. You may find that you are able to lift heavier, lift longer, and achieve better form when you use an elbow sleeve for lifting.

The increased circulation to the elbow joint from the sleeve not only helps with keeping the joint warm and supported -- it can also help you recover more quickly from an intense workout or an injury. This helps boost your overall long-term performance, no matter your lifting goals.

Overall, elbow sleeves can be an easy and cost effective way to have safer and more productive lifting workouts.