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Free Shipping, Not From China!

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To return your order, all you'll need to do is return your current sleeve, and then manually reorder the new size.  Depending on where you ordered, the process is different:

  1. Via our Kunto Fitness Website: Contact me at kuntofitness@ccoonsllc.comand provide me your order number so I can send you the return slip to return what you have and refund your purchase so you can reorder.  If you are charged for the return, contact me so I can manually adjust the charges from your new order.
  2. Via Return the sleeve via Amazon, and then reorder either on Amazon or the Kunto Fitness website.  If you are charged for the return, contact me so I can remove those charges manually.  See the following link for returning via Amazon:

If you would rather just return the sleeve, follow the process above but do not reorder.

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