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Free Shipping, Not From China!

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Existing Customer Questions

I don’t see my question down below… how do I contact you?

Simply shoot an email to and we’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Help! I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange it for another?

Yes, you can easily exchange your sleeve for another. First, get your order number from the box your item came in. Next, navigate to and enter your order number / zip code, and follow the instructions to process the return. Then go to our web-store at and reorder the size that you need (don’t forget to check out the sizing chart!)

If you are charged for the return, contact me and I will remove the charges manually.

Sorry, I’d rather just return the sleeve, how do I do that?

That’s ok, sorry you didn’t like our product. Just follow the procedure outlined above, but don’t reorder.

Are the sleeves machine washable?

The manufacturer recommends that you hand wash the sleeves, but many of our customers have machine washed them without issue. Just be aware that the sleeve may suffer damage if machine washed excessively.

Hey, my product arrived late / it was the wrong size / didn’t arrive at all…what happened?

All of our products utilize Shipbob for fulfillment. This means that we ship our products directly to Shipbob warehouses, where they store and ship them out as they are ordered. We have no direct influence on fulfillment, so any mistakes made that deal with shipping or incorrect items being shipped are usually on the carrier’s end. These mistakes are VERY rare fortunately, but if they happen to you send an email to us at and we will figure something out.

What are your products made of?

Material varies from product to product, but if you want to know specifics simply check out the sizing chart picture for the item you’re curious about, located on the product page for each item we sell.

How do I tell what size I need?

Each product has a sizing chart picture on its product page that outlines the proper way to buy the correct size.

What’s the proper way to put my sleeve on… help!

Included in the product pages for each item are a number of product pictures that should indicate the proper way of wearing that item. Contact us though at if you still have questions!