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Elbow Sleeve for Pain Management

Elbow pain can be difficult to deal with.  Most of our activities involve our arms in some kind of way, so when your elbow is out of whack you're in for a bad time.  Whether it's baseball, basketball, powerlifting or picking up the grandkids, you need your elbow pain free and working in order to enjoy yourself.  

Here's a few ways how an elbow brace can help you with your elbow pain or joint problems:


1. Reduction of Tendon Inflammation:

Often your elbow pain is caused by overworked tendons becoming inflamed, resulting in additional pain every time you move.  An elbow compression support pushes back, compressing the arm and relieving the inflammation in your tendons.  The inflammation relief directly aids in removing some of the pain you may feel as your tendons begin to heal.


2. Improved warmth across the joint: 

It sounds strange, but warming up your joints can aid in the healing process, and help prevent the tendons from becoming too stiff.  Warmer tendons are more flexible, lowering the chance that injury gets worse or happens in the first place.


3.  Added Arm Support:

Sometimes your arm needs some help to function like you want, in this case with an Elbow Sleeve.  The extra support helps keep your muscles, tendons, and joints in place so they don't become overextended.  By adding support to an injured elbow, you're helping to support the joint while it heals, and by adding support to an uninjured arm, you're helping to ensure your arm stays injury resistant in the future.


4.  Improved Circulation:

Constant compression across your arm can be helpful for blood circulation too.  The elbow sleeve puts pressure across your elbow and mid arm.  When blood is pumped by the heart, your arm expands and the compression sleeve pushes back against the arm, aiding in blood returning to your heart and preventing inflammatory fluid from building up.  


There are many reasons to own a Elbow Sleeve for Pain - get yours today!