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Fix Tennis Elbow with a Compression Sleeve

Tennis elbow is a common condition that we wouldn’t wish on anyone. It is a sports-related nickname to the condition of tendonitis -- inflammation of the tendons -- in the elbow joint. The condition is common in racquet sports players because of the repetitive movements the elbow performs during the sport.

However, you don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow. Other repetitive motions -- like repeatedly moving a computer mouse, for example -- can also result in tendonitis in the elbow. Certain active professions are prone to tennis elbow as well like plumbers, carpenters, butchers, and servers.

Tendons are flexible structures that connect the bones to the muscles. When they become inflamed from injury, the pain can radiate from the elbow joint up down into the hands or up towards the shoulder.

Treating tennis elbow can be a long process filled with rest and active recovery. One of the best ways to fix tennis elbow is with a compression sleeve.

How a Compression Sleeve Helps Tennis Elbow

An elbow compression sleeve is a fantastic tool to help support the joint in healing tendonitis. Tendonitis heals best with a program of both rest and gentle movement. A compression sleeve can aid in both aspects. The following are benefits a compression sleeve provides for tennis elbow:

Heat. If there is a trauma injury to the joint, ice is best applied in the beginning to reduce swelling. As the joint begins to recover, however, heat is a better tool for healing. An elbow compression sleeve provides an extra layer of material to hold in body heat. Keeping the joint warm will both help it heal and help prevent any further injury.
Circulation. The main benefit of a compression sleeve is the increase of circulation to the joint. Blood is the body’s transportation of all the healing cells. The easier blood is able to get into the tendons, the better and quicker the healing process.

Support. Tendonitis is often a result of overextending the range of motion of a joint. When this happens, the tendons can be stretched too far and suffer from tiny tears in the tissue. A compression sleeve restricts the motion of the joint to avoid overextension. While the joint is healing, maintaining proper range of motion is critical to getting back to a healthy range.

All of the above can be used during low-impact workouts and/or throughout the workday. The support of the compression sleeve can help tennis elbow sufferers stay active without further risk of injury or slowing the healing process.