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How to Put on a Back Brace

 As many as 80% of the world population will experience back pain at some point. A back brace can provide relief during your times of struggle with this chronic condition.

Here’s how to put on a back brace properly to support your body’s hardest worker.

Tips for How to Put on a Back Brace

Prep the skin. This step is one that many people miss. Wearing a back brace can sometimes cause skin irritation or even sores. It is more likely to have irritation if the skin is moist or dirty underneath the brace. To prevent this, make sure you prepare the skin by cleaning it before wearing the back brace. Wearing clothing (tshirt, tank top, etc.)  in between your skin and the brace can sometimes prevent skin irritation as well.

Lotions or oils can trap moisture on the skin underneath a back brace. Avoid applying these to the skin before wearing the brace.

Follow manufacturer or health professional guidelines. Most back braces are similar, but each manufacturer can have different instructions on proper use of the brace. Before wearing, take time to read the instructions. If the brace is recommended by a health professional, seek guidance from them on proper use of the brace.

Steps to put on the brace. All braces can have slight differences, but for the majority of braces the following steps can be followed:

  1. Wrap the brace around your abdomen with the ends towards the front (belly button) of your torso.
  2. With an end in each hand, connect the brace in the middle across the abdomen.
  3. Adjust the size by pulling the straps on each side tighter or looser.

Maintain proper cleanliness and care of the brace. In addition to keeping your skin clean, the care of the back brace is important for function and comfort. Generally, braces are best cleaned by hand with a mild soap. Putting braces into a washing machine or dryer can damage the brace. Keeping the brace clean will help prevent skin irritation. Maintaining the brace’s structure will ensure proper support.