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How to Use a Compression Sleeve for Arm Pain

Arm pain can be caused by a variety of things. Since there are so many moving parts to your arm, it can be difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of arm pain. A few of the potential causes of arm pain include:

  • This usually refers to a single, traumatic event. Car accidents, sports accidents, and falls would all be under this category.
  • An overuse injury is from repetitive motions that result in inflammation in the tendons (tendonitis), the muscles, or the joints.
  • Pinched nerve. Nerves that are pinched in the spine can sometimes radiate pain into the arm though the nerve.

All of these causes of arm pain can be helped by the use of a full arm compression sleeve.

How a Compression Sleeve Can Help Arm Pain

Reduce swelling. Compression sleeves gently squeeze the arm to aid in blood flow. This open blood highway helps prevent inflammation from collecting in the arm and causing swelling. While inflammation and swelling are part of the body’s natural healing process, the symptoms can often go into overdrive causing pain and stiffness.

Ease pain. Pain in the arm most often is a result of inflammation and swelling. The compression boosts circulation and reduces inflammation. A reduction in pain is a positive byproduct of reduced inflammation.

An arm compression sleeve also helps to retain heat. The heat relaxes muscles to provide pain relief as well.

Many people who suffer from nerve pain find compression is a helpful, non-drug way to treat their nerve pain. It can be in addition to medication or used alone depending on the severity of the nerve pain in the individual.

Support movement. Remaining active can be a key component to recovery from arm pain. Movement ensures blood is moving into the area and inflammation is moving out. While it can be tempting to rest, inactivity restricts blood flow and can lead to tissue atrophy.

The trouble is that when you suffer from arm pain, any kind of movement can be painful. There are also the added psychological symptoms of worrying you might cause further harm.

A compression sleeve provides support to the arm with snug, flexible fabric. This can help the joints operate in the proper form without overextending. For your piece of mind, the sleeve is like a supportive hug to the arm that can help you get back to enjoying exercise again or making it through a workday pain-free.