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Should You Wear Compression Socks for Working Out?

The proper gear for working out can make all the difference in your levels of comfort and performance. Increasing numbers of athletes are utilizing compression garments to enhance the effectiveness of their workouts.

Compression socks could be just the item you should add to your workout outfits. Let’s dig into why.

Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks for Working Out

Improved Performance.

It has been shown in research studies that wearing compression socks can help improve both speed and endurance. For example, one study published by the National Strength and Conditioning Association showed that sprinters were able to run faster and endurance runners were able to run for longer when wearing compression socks versus not wearing compression socks.

Reduced Risk of Injury.

The support that compression socks provide can help you actually prevent an injury. The material of compression socks provides extra structural support during high intensity movements. When you jump or run, for example, the compression socks can help prevent imbalance and offer stability to fatigued muscles. You are less likely to turn an ankle with the extra stability compression socks provide.

Faster Recovery.

Muscles are able to recover from intense workouts faster when there is more blood flow to the area. All of the body’s repairing cells are carried in the bloodstream, so when a compression sock increases circulation, muscles recover quicker.

Compression socks can also aid in a faster recovery from an injury. Increased circulation helps the body repair itself on a shorter timeline. The compression socks are also a great tool to add support and reduce pain during injury recovery workouts. Movement, rather than complete rest, has been shown to shorten recovery time from injuries in recent industry research. Wearing compression socks for working out could help you get back to your normal routine faster and with less pain.