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Why you should own a Weightlifting Belt

For those looking to take their lifting more seriously, weightlifting belts are an essential piece of equipment, but the reasons why aren’t immediately obvious.  Here are the top reasons you should own a weightlifting belt of your own as you increase your gains:

Injury Prevention – Weightlifting Belts provide you more support, allowing you to stabilize your core & back, limiting the ways you could injure yourself. The chances of orthopedic injuries like muscle tearing or pulling are reduced, letting you maintain your workout routine and continue lifting.

Improved Posture – Lifting weights with improper posture can lead to issues down the road. Stress on your back is relieved by shifting the weight to other areas of your body, mainly the core.  Weight belts also force you to lift with your legs rather than your back, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

More Weight, More Gains – Those training with a lifting belt have the added benefit of being able to handle more weight; some lifters have been able to increase their loads by 5-15% just by adding a belt! That’s impressive, and helps you take your weightlifting to the next level, allowing you to make it past the last rough patch or plateau.

Either way you slice it, having a weightlifting belt can really take your lifting to the next level, and keep you safe while you do it.   Get your Kunto Fitness Weightlifting Belt today!